Our light industrial and light clerical staffing division is our foundational business and has been the driving force behind our 1000%+ growth rate over the last 10 years. This is our flag ship division currently representing 85% of our overall business.

High-Volume Staffing – We understand that JIT manufacturing demands JIT staffing. Our clients know they can get 20 to 200 Onin teammates with a 2 to 8 hour notice.

Mid-Skill Temp to Hire – When skill-set and longevity are the priority we customize our recruiting and screening process to ensure our partnering clients have the employee edge.

Hybrid Solution – The unique solution for your company probably involves both facets of our business. Our nimble corporate structure and innovative mindset ensure we can develop and execute a staffing program which addresses your specific needs.

Value-added Solutions

Onin On-premise

Roughly 35% of our teammate workforce is managed under our On-Premise Account Management program either as an extension of a local branch or as an independent on-premise location in an outlying market.

By dedicating one of our employees to manage the day-to-day servicing of your Onin teammates, you gain a number of advantages that help improve your efficiency and reduce costs. As an extension of our client’s human resources department, our On-Premise Supervisors are closely tied to client’s day-to-day operations. This intimate knowledge of your business as well as the close proximity of our employee leads to open communication with line supervisors and a thorough understanding of your job requirements. As a result, your on-premise ┼înin Staffing representative is uniquely qualified to accurately match Onin teammates to your assignments and well positioned to address worksite challenges as they arise.

Onin Vendor Management

Even the largest staffing companies cannot be all places at all times. Many leading companies are trending toward affiliate vendor management programs as a means for managing their contingent staffing vendors on a regional and national scale.

Onin Staffing's Vendor Management program streamlines and simplifies the entire business process to a single sourcing contact and one consolidated invoice. In order to support our national and regional accounts, we develop a master contingent staffing plan to centralize order flow, billing, rates and vendor relationships. Time consumed managing multiple contacts and the uncertainty of open orders and their fill status are alleviated through Onin Staffing's vendor management program.

Employee Relocation Program

Although unemployment in the US is higher than it has been in years, particularly in the manufacturing and production sectors, a deeper look reveals that there is significant regional variation. While much of the US experiences double-digit unemployment rates, sections of the country are at full employment and employers are desperate for quality workers.

When our clients struggle to find good people to fill critical jobs, they turn to The Onin Group to pick up the slack. When our labor pool runs dry, we begin to get creative. We observed the higher availability of workers in places like El Paso, where the unemployment rate is 14%, and began to explore the possibility of moving those employees to where they were most needed.

Today, this relocation program has successfully placed workers in plants in Arkansas, Indiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas. In general, our employees appreciate not only the good-paying jobs but also the assistance with living arrangements and integration into the community. Positive reports sent back home about the experience make recruiting easier for future trips.