The Onin Group | 5 signs you’re doing a good job at work
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5 signs you’re doing a good job at work


25 May 5 signs you’re doing a good job at work

In a perfect world, your hard work is immediately met with positive job evaluations, pay raises and other direct feedback that clearly spells out “Hey, you’re doing a great job!” But even when the boss doesn’t have the time or attention to spare for feedback, you’ll still know you’re winning when you see these five signs:

1. People come to you with questions.

No official announcements needed: Your co-workers know exactly who has their act together and who doesn’t. If they come to you for help, it’s because they know you have the skills, knowledge and composure to make the right things happen.

2. People want your opinions.

The same goes for being asked your opinion. When your co-workers use you as a sounding board, it speaks volumes of their trust and confidence in you. If your boss starts doing the same, there is no higher endorsement. (Except maybe a raise or a promotion!)

3. You’re given more responsibility.

Actions speak louder than words — so when you become your boss’s “go to” person for when she needs something done correctly and on time, it’s a clear vote of confidence in your abilities.

4. You’re given more independence.

A good boss knows exactly how much freedom his employees can be trusted with. Every time he gives you the independence and self-accountability to make things happen without micromanagement from above, it signals trust.

5. You represent your company.

Do you serve as the face or voice of your company? When your boss trusts you to bear your company’s standard in any setting, from board meetings to public presentations, it means you exemplify the company’s highest ideals.

But at the end of the day…

At the end of the day, no matter how strongly your employer, manager or co-workers signal their trust and confidence in your abilities, there’s one more surefire indicator that everything is going right. If you find yourself actually looking forward to going to work every day, it means you’ve found that elusive combination of appreciative management and friendly co-workers. In this way, you also know that you’re nailing your job performance every day.

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