5 ways to find happiness at work

07 Sep 5 ways to find happiness at work

Even when your personal life is full of joy, it’s hard to be in good spirits if the eight-plus hours a day you spend at work are making you miserable.
Of course work can be stressful, and many of the factors in our work life aren’t in our control, but there are also things you can do to make your time in the office more pleasant for yourself, and consequently, for your coworkers.
Try giving these methods a try next time you’re in an emotional rut at work:

  1. Create change by practicing small habits.Big life goals are intimidating and hard to reach, and it can be draining when you feel like you’re constantly missing the mark on your lofty ambitions. Instead, break your goals into smaller, more attainable, long-term goals. Track your small achievements and take time to celebrate your successes. Working towards these smaller goals is gratifying and can serve to boost your self-confidence, energy and focus.
  2. Establish boundaries.When your colleagues are making constant demands on your time and energy, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, drained and unhappy. Consider the boundaries you need to remain positive. Giving your boss and colleagues clear boundaries can help you retain your energy, increasing your productivity and boosting your mood.
  3. Surround yourself with positive coworkers.Negative people have a way of bringing everyone around them down. Although you may have to collaborate frequently with your mean or mopey coworker, try to forge relationships with positive colleagues and team members whom you admire. Having these positive influences to support you at work can neutralize the negative effects of unhappy colleagues, serving to boost your mood.
  4. Bring your baggage to work.Traditionally, employers have been encouraged to keep their personal baggage at home, but this can create workplaces where co-worker know little about one another’s personal lives and who feel consequently isolated.

    In reality, separating one’s professional and personal life tends to minimize individual workers and make it more difficult to feel valued, connected and, consequently, happy. That said, personal sharing should have boundaries in the office. After all, your coworkers don’t really need to know all the messy details of your feud with your neighbor and their untamed dog. Taking the time to know your co-workers and share details about yourself is a great way to promote trust and compassion in your organization, making your office feel a little more like a home away from home and a lot more pleasant.

  5. Mentor.Altruistic behavior can make you feel happy, so why not take your work relationships as an opportunity to give selflessly. Sharing your knowledge with your coworkers can increase your job satisfaction, improve relationships with coworkers and your heighten commitment to your organization, making mentorship a win-win opportunity for everyone’s well-being.
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