The Onin Group | 6 Bad Work Habits You Can Fix
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6 Bad Work Habits You Can Fix


23 Sep 6 Bad Work Habits You Can Fix

It may be easier to identify bad habits in your coworkers than in yourself, but no one’s perfect. It’s easy for bad habits to sneak their way into your work life.

Bad habits also have a nasty way of negatively affecting your work and your relationships with your colleagues, making it time to break those bad habits.

  1. You procrastinate.If you find yourself always waiting until the last minute to start big projects and hustling to finish everything in time, chances are those collaborating with you are feeling endlessly frustrated. If you find yourself procrastinating, it’s time to make your life easier and your productivity habits healthier at work.

    Fix it: It’s easier said than done, but just get started. For large, long, or time consuming projects, break the larger project into smaller tasks or “chunks” to help you get started and make deadlines for each task. One by one, complete each task and pretty soon you will find the whole project has been completed!

  2. You complain.We know life is tough, but constantly discussing the negatives of your personal life and your frustrations with your job and coworkers can not only exhaust you, but leave your colleagues feeling emotionally drained from listening.

    Fix it: Whether it is a friend, a counselor or a journal, find an outlet to explore your frustrations and blow off steam. Keep notes on your complaints and determine if your frustrations can be solved. Find a healthy outlet, like exercise or meditation, to release unneeded tension.

  3. You are late.Rushing into work or a meeting late is a sure way to receive scowls and eye rolls from your coworkers and clients. Sure, something unplanned may have slowed you down, but don’t make tardiness a consistent habit when people are depending on you.

    Fix it: Track the times you were late and record how late you were to each event. After a week, assess the times you were late and make note of any patterns. Determine how much earlier you need to go to bed, wake up or eat lunch to stay on time.

  4. You haven’t prepared.If you find yourself sitting at your desk wondering what you should have accomplished or fumbling through a meeting, it’s a good sign you aren’t as prepared as you should be. It’s easy to get lost in the bustle at work, but not being prepared for your day makes you seem lazy and inconsiderate.

    Fix it: Keep an updated calendar and to-do list. Plan the tasks you want to complete the day before and create a list, determining what needs to be done now and what tasks can be accomplished later. When you have a meeting, make an agenda and stick to it.

  5. Your jokes are inappropriate.Humor is a great way to release tension, but telling jokes that make other people feel uncomfortable is never a good idea. Jokes expressing prejudice are unprofessional and should be off limits in the workplace.

    Fix it: Think before you tease. Monitor yourself to make sure the jokes you are telling are appropriate for the workplace and pay attention to your coworkers’ reactions to make sure you aren’t crossing any boundaries.

  6. Your hygiene is lacking.If you think no one will notice you forgot to shower two days in a row, you may want to think again. When you neglect your grooming and your hygiene, it gives others a poor first impression of you, not to mention your coworkers’ noses may be pained.

    Fix it: Make sure you schedule enough time into your days to bathe, brush your teeth and groom. After all, looking put together is an easy way to give you an extra confidence boost.

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