09 May 6 Steps to using social media to find your next job

It turns out you can find a job using the same platforms you watch your best friend’s latest cat video on. Staples of the successful job search, like networking and presenting your expertise, can be translated from in-person activities to your social media profiles. If you’re beginning your job search, consider using social media as an important tool in your hunt.

  1. Have a faceCreate profiles on relevant platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Creating a LinkedIn profile is critical for those looking for jobs in many industries and an easy go-to for networking.
  2. Keep it cleanYou don’t want a potential interviewer to see you trashing your ex or bashing a politician they voted for, so delete any posts you wouldn’t want to discuss in an interview. Even better, consider creating a separate professional social media identity while maintaining your personal profiles in private mode. It will make it easier to keep your personal and professional identities separate.
  3. Show your savvyPost links about the latest developments as well as informative and interesting content related to your field. Take the opportunity to post thoughtful insights about the goings-on in your industry. These posts will show potential employers that you are engaged and knowledgeable.
  4. Follow the leadersIt never hurts to follow leaders in your industry to help you stay informed. Also consider following companies you are interested in working with. This will make it easier for you to keep track of the company’s most recent news and gauge its values based on the types of content it posts.
  5. Bring networking to the netConnect with others in your ideal field. If you’ve attended a networking event or belong to a professional organization, reach out to those you’ve met, especially if you had an engaging conversation with them. Social media can be a great way to keep in touch with these valuable contacts. LinkedIn is a great first stop for connecting to people you’ve met, but if your contact doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile, consider connecting on another platform they are active on.
  6. Search for jobsMany companies post current positions on their social media pages, especially on LinkedIn, so keep searching for opportunities. The more tools you use to find your next dream job, the better your chances are for success.
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