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08 Aug 7 ways to become more confident at your job

Whether you’re starting a new job, or presenting a high-power presentation, it’s easy to worry you’re not qualified for your responsibilities and others can see through your façade.
Having reservations about your competence is natural, and even healthy, but if you’re constantly overwhelmed by self-doubt, it may be time to reevaluate your weaknesses and boost your self-confidence.
After all, confidence is an important ingredient for your career, and can play a significant role in allowing you to move beyond your comfort zone when tackling new projects and connecting with great.
There isn’t a quick fix for becoming confident, but the following steps can help you minimize your fears and strengthen your self-trust:

  1. Stay focused.Ignore your inner-butterflies, and stay focused on the task at hand. The better you concentrate on succeeding in your position, the better you’ll become and, ideally, the more confidence you can rightfully own.
  2. Learn as much as you can.When you have the impression you’re feeling your way through the dark with a project, it’s easy to lack confidence. Make it a priority to learn skills you feel less knowledgeable about to give yourself a realistic boost in confidence.
  3. Keep track of your successes.Make a list of things you’ve succeeded at, and consider creating a folder on your computer with projects you are proud of. When you’re feeling discouraged, take a peek in this folder to reflect on ways to apply your past successes to the future.
  4. Have a positive attitude.Be the voice of solutions instead of the face of problems. Placing faith in others is a great way to inspire others to believe in you, which always serves as a confidence booster.
  5. Carry yourself with confidence.Keep a smile on your face and walk with vigor. Moving with self-assurance can actually boost your mood, not to mention give your colleagues the impression you feel as poised as you look. Likewise, investing in a professional wardrobe can also be a great way to give yourself an easy self-esteem boost.
  6. Take criticism in stride.Mistakes are normal, so don’t be upset if one of your colleagues points out an error you’ve made. It’s no reason to crumble with self-doubt. After all, the ability to grow in the face of challenges is a trait you should be proud of. If that’s not a reason for self-confidence, we’re not sure what is.
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