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29 Apr
Engaging Your Part-time and Hourly Employees
Employee engagement is tricky, even for full-time employees immersed in your company culture. For hourly and part-time employees, true engagement is even more difficult to accomplish. In many cases, your hourly or part-time employees are working in lower-paying roles with limited flexibility, no benefits and a clock-in/clock-out mentality.
28 Mar
To Attract the Best Talent, Focus on Your Employer Brand
The millennial generation is well-known for switching between jobs more frequently than past generations. It seems they’re always looking for a better fit. As a recent Gallup report¹ puts it, “Millennials behave as consumers of workplaces, shopping around for the jobs that best align with their needs and life goals.”
06 Mar
The Secret to Recruiting: Your Brand

Some companies have short-circuited the system to acquire the best talent while most companies struggle. How? The answer is simple: brand development. ...