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Ōnin Staffing is the AAMA Supplier of the Year

Ōnin Staffing was awarded the 2018 Supplier of the Year award by the Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association (AAMA) on April 18th. The award recognized Ōnin for bringing excellence to Alabama manufacturing and exemplifying innovation with a commitment to excellence and dedication to investing in employees and...

Ōnin named a Birmingham Business Journal Best Place to Work company

The Ōnin Group has been recognized as a Birmingham Business Journal Best Place to Work company for going above and beyond to create an outstanding workplace environment. As a staffing company whose business revolves around people, we are dedicated to ensuring everyone we work with is valued...

The Ōnin Group named an SIA 2018 Best Place to Work For

The award is based on the results of an anonymous survey of internal employees that measured satisfaction with workplace culture, career development, benefits, teamwork, trust in senior leaders, feeling valued, manager effectiveness and compensation. The Ōnin Group has focused on deeply connecting with the workforce at...

5 leaders share lessons for first-time managers

By Steffen Maier  Good leadership is essential for any successful company, but it’s not always easy for junior or first-time managers to adapt to their role. Many times, leaders look back on their career and have a whole host of new insights and knowledge they wish they’d...

Developing Internal Candidates

In HR and recruiting, it seems that we are always on a quest to find the perfect candidate and to fill a seemingly unending list of job openings. Managers may be pressuring us to find candidates with enough experience that they can slide right into...

Common Questions About Working With a Staffing Agency

If you're new to temporary work, you might have some questions about what makes it different from a regular job. Working with a staffing agency has many benefits for those looking for a job opportunity. The company will screen you, your skills and qualifications. It's...

The Best Strategy to Achieve True Innovation

By John Boudreau, Professor of Management and Organization at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business In your organization, does innovation mean finding new ways to exploit what you already do well or exploring arenas where you’re unfamiliar and will make mistakes? Or both? If...

Why Do We Drink Coffee at Work?

Coffee is everywhere in modern society, but it wasn't always this way. The United States was a country of tea drinkers until the decades following World War II. While the first batches of coffee were available stateside in the late 1700s, the drink was taken...

Candid picture of a business team collaborating. Filtered serie with light flares.
The Innovation We Can All Do

By Blake Stevens, Director of People & Culture We all have the opportunity and the privilege to innovate. Innovators always get the credit for all the great ideas that have come out. But innovation is not a position or a privilege given to a select few. Because...

How to Stop Being Complacent in Your Job

Complacency at work can lead to career stagnation. Turning up to work every day and performing your assigned duties, but nothing more, is unlikely to put you in line for a promotion or pay raise. To overcome this complacency, you need to change your mindset...