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Ōnin celebrates its 20th anniversary

Twenty years ago on Nov. 7, The Ōnin Group was formed by a small group of people with a passion to succeed. Today, The Ōnin Group has been named the 15th Largest Industrial Staffing Firm in in the US by the Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA)...

Veterans in the Workforce
Honoring veterans in the workforce

As we honor our service men and women for Veterans Day, we’d like to recognize not only the sacrifices our veterans have made for our country but the important role our veterans play in the civilian workforce. In addition to their detailed technical training, veterans often...

Choosing the right gloves
A Handy Guide to Choosing the Right Gloves

By Safety Management Group What’s the most common kind of workplace injury? The U.S. Department of Labor says that it’s injuries to the hand and fingers, which account for more than a quarter of recordable workplace injuries. That’s important to know for two reasons. While working, we...

Universal Labor & Staffing
The Ōnin Group acquires Universal Labor & Staffing

The Ōnin Group has acquired Universal Labor & Staffing, a Texas-based staffing company specializing in providing strategic temporary labor solutions for Global 1000 corporations. The transaction closed Sept. 27. With a 30-year history of providing staffing and managed services programs to national and global customers, Universal Labor...

5 ways to find happiness at work
5 ways to find happiness at work

Even when your personal life is full of joy, it’s hard to be in good spirits if the eight-plus hours a day you spend at work are making you miserable. Of course work can be stressful, and many of the factors in our work life aren’t...

How to survive in an open office when you need alone time

While open offices can provide a positive work environment filled with collaborative group efforts, open spaces can also be noisy and invasive. For those who prefer quit reflection and privacy while working, it may take a while to adjust to your new open-spaced domain. Open offices...

Increase Confidence
7 ways to become more confident at your job

Whether you’re starting a new job, or presenting a high-power presentation, it’s easy to worry you’re not qualified for your responsibilities and others can see through your façade. Having reservations about your competence is natural, and even healthy, but if you’re constantly overwhelmed by self-doubt, it...

6 ways to exercise at work without looking completely crazy

We know the term “work” used to refer to sweaty activities for most people, with so many tasks requiring manual labor outdoors. Although many of us prefer sitting in the air conditioning to hoeing fields and hunting, the sedentary desk life is pretty bad for...

How to catch up on your post-vacation work the smart way
How to catch up on your post-vacation work the smart way

Whether you were enjoying palm trees, mountains, a desert escape or the peace of your backyard, nothing ruins your vacation vibe like returning to work with stacks of other people’s needs on your desk. But don’t panic yet. Getting caught up will always be stressful,...

Handling OSHA Inspection
Tips for Handling the OSHA Inspection Walk-Through

Being prepared for an OSHA inspection is a must. When the OSHA inspectors actually show up at the door, though, there’s much to be considered from a legal and cooperation standpoint.One initial question that we get often — from that client who has an OSHA...

How to ace your next job fair

Finding a job is stressful. You’ve probably applied for many positions online, but sometimes having face-to-face interactions can be just the boost you need to jumpstart your job search. Job fairs are a great way to meet local company representatives and explore opportunities you may...

6 Steps to using social media to find your next job

It turns out you can find a job using the same platforms you watch your best friend’s latest cat video on. Staples of the successful job search, like networking and presenting your expertise, can be translated from in-person activities to your social media profiles. If...