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22 Sep
Thinking Outside the Box with Flex Schedules

Thinking Outside the Box with Flex Schedules By Jennifer Parris   When you think of flexible work, certain industries and specific jobs automatically come to mind....

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07 Sep
Leading the Way in Teammate Benefits

Recently, The Ōnin Group added a new offering to our already best-in-class benefits package for our Teammates. We have enhanced our employee perks...

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01 Sep
2017 Endeavor Scholarship Recipients
The Ōnin Group selected 15 recipients of the Endeavor Scholarship after receiving more applications than ever in the history of our scholarship program. The Endeavor Scholarship, an aspect of Ōnin’s Seeds Initiative, was created to provide opportunities for Teammates and their immediate family members to pursue their educational goals. Because we believe education has the powerful potential to create greater opportunities that can lead to career advancements, we are passionate about investing in the educational pursuits of our Teammates, whether they plan to attend trade school, a traditional college, or earn a professional certification.