29 Sep
Why Do We Drink Coffee at Work?

Coffee is everywhere in modern society, but it wasn't always this way. The United States was a country of tea drinkers until the decades following World War II. While the first batches of coffee were available stateside in the late 1700s, the drink was taken...

20 Sep
How to Stop Being Complacent in Your Job

Complacency at work can lead to career stagnation. Turning up to work every day and performing your assigned duties, but nothing more, is unlikely to put you in line for a promotion or pay raise. To overcome this complacency, you need to change your mindset...

24 Aug
What Not to Do in Your First 30 Days on the Job

Starting a new job is exciting, but it can also be nerve-racking because you don't know what to expect from your new boss and coworkers. While new-hire training is essential and you should definitely take it seriously, it can't fully prepare you for the everyday...

11 Apr
Attend College with the Endeavor Scholarship

If you think college is just for new high school graduates getting a bachelor’s degree, think again. Not only can folks of all ages attend college, classes can likewise be taken with a wide variety of personal development and career objectives in mind. Whether you want...

31 Mar
5 skilled trades you can pursue with the Endeavor Scholarship

Each year the Onin Group invests $1,000 in the education of ten of our teammates and their family members through our Endeavor Scholarship. Onin is in the business of creating careers, so helping teammates and their families achieve their educational pursuits is important to us...

Veterans in the Workforce
10 Nov
Honoring veterans in the workforce

As we honor our service men and women for Veterans Day, we’d like to recognize not only the sacrifices our veterans have made for our country but the important role our veterans play in the civilian workforce. In addition to their detailed technical training, veterans often...

5 ways to find happiness at work
07 Sep
5 ways to find happiness at work

Even when your personal life is full of joy, it’s hard to be in good spirits if the eight-plus hours a day you spend at work are making you miserable. Of course work can be stressful, and many of the factors in our work life aren’t...

29 Aug
How to survive in an open office when you need alone time

While open offices can provide a positive work environment filled with collaborative group efforts, open spaces can also be noisy and invasive. For those who prefer quit reflection and privacy while working, it may take a while to adjust to your new open-spaced domain. Open offices...

Increase Confidence
08 Aug
7 ways to become more confident at your job

Whether you’re starting a new job, or presenting a high-power presentation, it’s easy to worry you’re not qualified for your responsibilities and others can see through your façade. Having reservations about your competence is natural, and even healthy, but if you’re constantly overwhelmed by self-doubt, it...

05 Aug
6 ways to exercise at work without looking completely crazy

We know the term “work” used to refer to sweaty activities for most people, with so many tasks requiring manual labor outdoors. Although many of us prefer sitting in the air conditioning to hoeing fields and hunting, the sedentary desk life is pretty bad for...