The Onin Group | Characteristics you’ll need to be unstoppable
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Characteristics you’ll need to be unstoppable


28 Feb Characteristics you’ll need to be unstoppable

There are some people who seem to flourish no matter what life throws at them. Feeling motivated at work can be difficult in the gloomy winter months, but don’t let the cold weather or any other factor for that matter, slow down your progress and keep you from achieving your goals, whether you want to start a business, earn a promotion or simply consistently seize the day.

Success depends on a number of factors including your intelligence (although emotional intelligence can be a greater indicator of success than your IQ smarts), experience, education and talent, but it’s still easy feel bogged down by obstacles.

Regardless of what situation you’re in, you can adopt and perfect the following characteristics to become an unstoppable force, both at work and in life:

  1. Start doing

Learn to listen to your gut and act wisely on it. Instead of constantly analyzing a situation, develop your intuition, learn to be attuned to your senses and trust your instincts. Life involves a certain amount of chaos, and although long-term planning is a must, learning to think swiftly is a necessity.

  1. Keep learning

Master your craft. The stronger your foundation is in the technical aspects of your job, the more valuable you become and the more innovative liberties you can begin to make. This is a sure way to continuously better yourself.

  1. Hold your own reins

Don’t allow yourself to depend on external factors for your motivation. Personally determine how you spend your time and what goes into your mind and body. Develop good instincts and personal guidelines to guide your acts so you don’t indulge in poor impulses.

  1. Perseverance

Having the power of perseverance, is one of the most powerful traits you can possess for your future success. Being afraid, confused or doubting yourself is normal, but don’t accept failure. It’s natural to wonder if you can accomplish a difficult task. Being able to stay the course until you’ve finished is a sure way to make it through the most difficult hardships.

  1. Mentorship

Regardless of where you are in your career, having an experienced professional to guide your professional journey and show you how to put your energy to best use is an irreplaceable tool for professional momentum.

  1. Work for something greater than yourself

Money and prestige are decent motivators, but having a greater purpose to strive for will make pushing yourself for further success that much sweeter. Have the self-respect to live your life and achieve your goals in your own terms.

Wealth and power are fine and good, but a truly unstoppable person pushes themselves because they innately want to be better, and the desire to push their personal limits and to constantly improve themselves is unending. Congratulate yourself for your progress, but don’t allow yourself to become complacent with the current outcome. Your journey of self-improvement has no final stopping point.



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