The Onin Group | Did you know Ōnin provides an Employee Assistance Program for Teammates?
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Did you know Ōnin provides an Employee Assistance Program for Teammates?


08 Mar Did you know Ōnin provides an Employee Assistance Program for Teammates?

Ōnin has rolled out its new Teammate Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which offers Teammates a wide variety of wellbeing resources. In order to truly “Create Opportunity and Empower People,” we believe our investment in Teammates must extend beyond the work day.

What EAP benefits mean for Teammates
Ōnin prides itself on providing the industry’s best benefits. In addition to our EAP benefits, Ōnin provides Teammates with a liberal vacation and holiday pay plan, robust healthcare benefits, bonus programs, and the Endeavor Scholarship for continuing education.
Presenting Teammates with resources that enhance their personal well-being gives Teammates the ability to better take care of themselves and their families. These benefits thus have the ability to touch people’s lives and make a difference both inside and outside of the work environment.

What EAP benefits mean for Clients
EAP is part of Ōnin’s commitment to investing in our Teammate’s personal and professional development and providing the industry’s most comprehensive benefit. Ōnin’s dedication to its Teammates creates unmatched value for our clients, because the more successful Ōnin is at engaging the workforce, the more successful we will be at delivering for customers.

Among other resources, our EAP provides Teammates with the following:

Counseling Services – Access to three, free, face-to-face or telephonic counseling services for issues such as grief and loss, coping with change, marital issue and stress.
Eldercare Support – Referrals for eldercare and resources for retirement, housing and Medicare/Medicaid support.
Legal Counseling Services – Comprehensive, free legal consultation with a 25 percent discounted rate for future services.
Financial Counseling Services – One free session with a certified financial professional. Future services are offered at a 15 percent discount.
Community Support Resources – Access to referrals to thousands of community resources, including mental health agencies, 12-step groups and support groups.
Personal Advantage Online Tool – More than 20,000 articles and interactive modules about work-life topics including emotional well-being, family life, health, financial, legal, personal growth and stress are offered. Teammates can additionally access the American Behavioral website, which allows them to navigate services offered and locate local providers.

Teammates can also access the following online resources, and many more, with Ōnin’s EAP benefits with their login information:

Financial Resources
Downloadable Monthly Budget
10 Ways to Cut Your Debt
Guide to Maximize Military Benefits
Credit Card and Debt Management Calculators

Emotional Well-Being Resources
Tips for Survivors of a Traumatic Event
Depression Screening
Breaking Yourself Out of a Rut
Mastering the Principles of Positive Thinking

Health Resources
Health Assessment
If You Want to get Pregnant, Follow the 90-Day Guide
Losing Weight
Treating Back Pain

Relationship Resources
Divorce Prevention
How to Find Your Child’s Gifts
Consequences of Sexual Assault
Communication During Deployment

Legal Resources
Template – Writing a Will for Adults with Child(ren)
How to Handle a Personal Injury Claim
Recovering from Identity Theft
Beyond Finances: Other Retirement Issues

Personal Growth Resources
Rejuvenating Your Retirement Plan
Styles of Communication
How to Simplify Your Life
The Elements of Good Leadership

Contact your local Ōnin Staffing Office to learn more about Teammate benefits. 

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