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You want a thriving team that meets production, hits deadlines and treats others with a heart of service. The problem is that you are stuck in a cycle of turnover and workforce challenges that make you feel frustrated and unsure about how it will all work out.  At Ōnin Staffing, we build thriving teams. So you can stop worrying about turnover and focus on your business.

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Your company cares about diversity and you are looking for MBE partners who can deliver but many MBEs face challenges with access to funding. This makes finding stable MBE partners difficult. We know that diversity matters and so does partnering with debt-free financially sound companies. Excelsior Staffing makes the most of your diversity spend by building thriving teams.

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You cannot ship curiosity in a box, wire transfer intelligence or download compassion. People are not a commodity. They are an investment, and simply passing a resume along is not an investment. When people are treated like a product or a number, the results will always be inferior. When we treat people with a heart of service, humans, organizations and results all flourish.

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