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How to Fix Your Reputation at Work


15 Sep How to Fix Your Reputation at Work

If you have a reputation at work as being less hardworking or more argumentative than your colleagues, you may despair at ever being able to redeem yourself. However, there are a few things you can do to change the way people see you. Use these tips to fix your reputation at work.

Address the Issue

In most situations, the best way to deal with someone thinking badly of you is to tackle the issue head on. Take the chance to apologize to anyone you have wronged. If you have delivered several reports after the deadline, reach out to your manager to say you know it’s an issue and explain what you have changed in your workflow to ensure it won’t happen again. Apologize sincerely to any coworkers you have offended. Addressing the issue shows that you are aware of the problem and that you want to make a change.

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Don’t Be Defensive

When you apologize for past behavior, be sure not to let the apology turn into a string of excuses. Now is not the time to convince coworkers that you were right after all. Apologize wholeheartedly, admitting that you were wrong and showing genuine remorse for any negative consequences of your behavior. People will respect you for being mature enough to admit you were wrong.

Live Up to Your Promises

Once you have apologized and promised to do better in the future, you need to live up to your promises. If you don’t follow through now, people won’t trust you in the future, so don’t blow this one chance to turn things around. If you promised you would get your next report in on time, be sure to have it on your manager’s desk well in advance of the deadline. If you said you would never be late to work again, start setting off much earlier in the morning so traffic and other circumstances outside of your control can’t make you late. Other people might be able to get away with being a few minutes late occasionally, but when you are trying to fix your reputation, you need to maintain a flawless record until people change their opinions of you.

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