The Onin Group | Ōnin increases number of Endeavor Scholarship recipients for 2016
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Ōnin increases number of Endeavor Scholarship recipients for 2016


29 Aug Ōnin increases number of Endeavor Scholarship recipients for 2016

Each year The Onin Group invests $1,000 in the education of ten of our teammates and their family members through our Endeavor Scholarship, but this year was a little different. We received about 100 applications this year, more than ever in the history of our scholarship program. With more applicants, we decided to provide more education opportunities, so instead of announcing the ten winners of the Endeavor Scholarship, we are proud to announce there are 13 deserving recipients of Onin’s Endeavor Scholarship for 2016.

The Endeavor Scholarship is an aspect of Onin’s Seeds Initiative, which was formed to provide opportunities for social, mental and physical growth both nationally and internationally with a focus on educational and vocational development. We believe education has the powerful potential to create greater opportunities that can lead to career advancements. As such, helping teammates and their families achieve their educational pursuits is important to us and something we value deeply since Onin is in the business of creating careers.

This year we were thrilled by the enthusiasm and interest our talented teammates showed in the Endeavor Scholarship. We couldn’t be happier to extend 200 percent more opportunities to endeavoring Onin scholars this year, but we’re most excited to take a part in our scholarship recipients’ exciting future successes and undertakings.

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