11 Jan Quarterly Teammate Newsletter – January 2022

Benefits Zone

Why is Physical Examination Important?

Most of the time, people visit their doctors when they are sick and need treatment. For some people, this may be every few months but for others, it may be once every few years. An annual physical exam lets you and your doctor assess how you are doing health-wise regardless of whether you are feeling symptoms or not. It can also help you assess which areas of your health need attention, so they don’t cause bigger issues later on. Some examples include:

  • Blood pressure – Measure of how high or how low the force of blood against your arteries is.
  • Cholesterol – Measure of the amount of cholesterol (good and bad) present in your blood.
  • Blood glucose level – Measure of the amount of glucose present in your blood. A blood glucose test is typically performed during fasting to get an accurate reading.
  • Body mass index – Measure of your weight compared to your height.


These health factors may not cause any symptoms but can cause several health problems in the future if they are left unchecked. Annual exams let your doctor assess whether these factors are in normal ranges. If they are above or below what they should be, your doctor will guide and help you to bring them back in the normal ranges.

Physical exams are also a great opportunity for your doctor to review your medications and immunization records. Your doctor will review all of the medications you are taking to see if there is any issue with them or if they are prescribed in accurate dosages. Immunizations are typically more of a focus for children, but there are several vaccines that can be good for adults, depending on their immunization records, age, and health factors. Annual physicals are a good opportunity to review your immunization record to see if you can benefit from any additional vaccines.

Without physical exams, a lot of health issues can go unchecked for years or until they become serious problems. Annual physicals allow for preventive care because you can take control of your health before things go wrong.

If you are enrolled in the Teammate Benefits program, all preventive services are covered 100% by your plan (HealthSmart), you have $0 deductible, and $5 copay on generic prescription. Do not wait to schedule your appointment today!

W-2 Information

Do you know that your W2s are ready and available via the Teammate App?

You need to Opt-in first before you can download your W2s. If you haven’t opted-in then you will be receiving a paper W2 in the mail at the address in your profile by the end of January. Please notify your branch if there are any changes in your address or W-4 form in order to help us accurately process your W-2 form.

Electronic W2 Opt In

Why are you receiving a 1095-C form and its purpose?

Only Teammates who were eligible for health insurance in 2021 will be receiving a 1095-C form. IRS FORM 1095-C includes information that will identify which months an employee and any dependents were offered health coverage and whether that coverage met the ACA requirements. You don’t need the 1095-C form to file your taxes, but you need to keep it for your records. If you have any questions about your 1095-C please contact your branch.

Safety Zone

Avoiding Slips, Trips, and Falls

When people think about danger in the workplace, they often underestimate the impact of slips, trips, and falls. Not only are these accidents a major cause of injuries leading to missed work, but they can also be deadly.

7 tips that will help you avoid slips, trips, and falls in your workplace:

  1. Wear proper footwear: Be sure to use the right shoes for your working environment.
  2. Don’t work in the dark: Make sure adequate lighting is available when you are working.
  3. Use the right tool for the job: If you need to grab something out of reach, take the time to find a proper step stool or ladder.
  4. Clean spills before they become slipping hazards: Keep work spaces clean to avoid slipping and tripping hazards.
  5. Clear paths and walkways when moving large objects: When you need to move a large object, clear a path beforehand.
  6. Design spaces with slip resistant flooring: Whenever possible, use slip resistant flooring when designing work spaces.
  7. Be vocal, and let people know when you’re moving: People in a shared workspace can be a tripping hazard to each other, so it’s important to let others know when you’re moving behind them. When opening doors into spaces, it’s a good practice to give warning.


Be sure to keep these safety tips in mind the next time you’re moving around your work space. Most importantly, make sure everyone else in your workplace is also aware of these practices and potential hazards. The more people that know how to avoid slips, trips, and falls in a workplace, the safer that workplace will be.

Workplace Eye Safety Awareness

We are taking this opportunity to remind you of a few tips to help protect your eyes while on the job.

  • Always wear the appropriate safety eyewear for your job site or role, even if you are just passing through a hazardous area.
  • If working in an area with particles or dust, be sure to wear safety glasses with side shields to protect against flying objects.
  • When working with chemicals, always wear safety goggles or face shields to protect against splashing.
  • When working around hazardous radiation like welding, lasers or fiber optics, be sure to use special-purpose safety goggles and helmets designed specifically for the task.


So remember – something as simple as putting on a pair of safety glasses can prevent serious eye injuries. These injuries are painful, cause many lost workdays and sometimes lead to permanent vision loss. So during the month of January, and year round, remember to wear your safety glasses!

Do you need prescription Safety glasses?

Prescription safety glasses are of high importance because they provide a strong protective barrier against dust, debris, sparks, heat, as well as manufacturing residue. These glasses have an edge over regular safety glasses, because the double lens of regular glasses present beneath the safety glass creates a glare, which makes a person highly uncomfortable. If you need a prescription safety eyewear, follow the below process:

  1. Obtain an order form and provider list from your local branch
  2. Schedule an eye exam if needed
  3. Bring the order form and current prescription to a participating eye doctor
  4. The eye doctor will assist you with your frame, lens and coating selection
  5. Discuss plan coverage with your eye doctor to avoid out of pocket costs
  6. Provider will call you for fitting and dispensing

How do you turn your temporary gig into a permanent one?

When companies need short-term workers, they’ll hire temporary staff. There is no guarantee those positions will parlay into permanent ones, but it is possible if you work hard. Here are tips on how to turn your temporary gig into a full-time job:

  • Be 100% reliable: “Fail here and nothing else matters!” Show up on time, deliver quality work and communicate with your colleagues.
  • Have the right mindset and enthusiasm: “Treat the part-time job or your contract assignment as a full-time position”.
  • Take a genuine interest in the job: Too often temporary staff treat a job as temporary and don’t take it seriously enough. If you want to get hired, you’ve got to do more than show up.

Best Practices Zone

Social Media

Everyone should be mindful about the public nature of social media and how it may impact your professional life at your current or future company. While many of us are engaged in social networking on some level, there is a need to be careful with respect to the content of our communications. Below are some best practices while navigating your social media pages:

  • Do not share or comment on trade secrets, proprietary company information, and/or general information about a client/company without the advanced approval of the company.
  • Do not make negative comments about our partner clients in any social media that you might regret later.
  • Respect copyright, trademark and similar laws and use such protected information in compliance with applicable legal standards.
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