The Onin Group | The how-to’s of finally getting your promotion
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The how-to’s of finally getting your promotion


30 Jan The how-to’s of finally getting your promotion

If receiving a promotion was on your agenda this year, but you’re still not quite sure how to make sure your move up the ladder a sure thing, listen up.
You already know you need to be good at your current job, but you’ll also need to perform above and beyond the scope of your current duties to be promoted. It can be confusing determine what exactly you need to exceed your supervisor’s expectations and rise in the ranks of your company.
We have a few suggestions:
1. Make your manager look great.
Helping your manager succeed is the surest way to make them make you successful. Act as an irreplaceable support to your manager. Make your boss look good by doing your job so proficiently it shines a light on them. Their success is your success after all. 
2. Stay current. 
Keep a finger on the latest industry news and take the initiative to learn any additional skills used in your field and improve upon any of your current skill set.
3. Keep track of your accomplishments. 
Keep a running list of your accomplishments and how you contributed to the success of the company for the year. Make your positive impact on the team undeniable. Having a thoughtful list of your contributions will make it difficult for your boss to ignore your request.
4. Radiate positivity. 
Yes, you need to be proficient at performing the nitty gritty aspects of your jobs, but don’t underestimate the power of strong soft skills. Emulate a positive, focused attitude so you’re known throughout your company for your can-do attitude. It doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile for others on your team, not just your boss.
5. Analyze your corporate culture.
Different companies value different strengths and skill sets. Consider your company’s culture,and analyze what characteristics have led others who have received a promotion to make it to the top. Determine if you can emulate their success.
If you’ve been passed over for a promotion you think you deserved, try to find out why. Ask your manager candidly what you can focus on to move forward and continue developing within the company. Take any advice they offer to heart.
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