A Job with Better Pay and Great Benefits is Right Around the Corner — Literally.

Ōnin is hiring for Volkswagen just down the road. Earn up to $19.72 an hour with unbeatable benefits.

It’s Time Your Job Went the Distance for You.

A better job opportunity is exactly 3.9 miles and 12 minutes away from your current location. Why make less when you’re so close to making more?

Ōnin is hiring for Volkswagen with Assembly, Body, Paint and Logistics jobs available, and the pay is right.

Let’s face it. Your paycheck and your benefits impact your quality of life in a big way. Volkswagen offers a starting wage of $17.40 with a full wage potential of $19.00. Not to mention, you’ll have a full suite of affordable benefits that will allow you to see the doctor, pick up your medicine, eat lunch, and still get change back from a $20. A better job gives you the money and tools you need to create a better life. It really is that simple.

Don’t just pass by a great opportunity on your way to a job that gives you less. It’s time to move on down the road.

Volkswagen Chattanooga

What You’ll Do

Work through Ōnin at Volkswagen, a respected international automotive company. You’ll be a vital part of creating safe, incredible vehicles of the future. Assembly, Body, Paint and Logistics positions are available.


Steady Work

Starting Pay: $17.40

Pay Potential: $19.00


Real Benefits

Radically affordable benefits

you can actually use


A Winning Team

75,000 Teammates Strong

Scholarship Opportunities

Skills Training

Unbeatable Benefits

When you work with Ōnin, you have radically affordable benefits. With Teammate benefits, you can see the doctor, pick up your medicine, eat lunch and still get change back from a $20. That’s radically affordable healthcare done right. With Ōnin’s Teammate benefit plan you’ll have access to:


⁠📈⁠ NEW! 401(k) Retirement Plan
💊 $5 Prescription Drugs
🩺 $5 Doctor’s Visit Copays
📞 Free Teledoctor Service
🧠 Free Counseling Services
✅ Life Insurance Included
👓 Vision Insurance Included
🦷 Dental Insurance Included
🌴 Vacation and Holiday Pay
📚 Scholarship Opportunities

A Little About Ōnin

We know a better job and great benefits give you the tools you need to build the life you deserve. The Ōnin Group is one of the largest privately-owned staffing companies in the United States and employs thousands of Teammates across the country. Ōnin believes people should be treated as a valued member of a team, not as a “temp” worker — and it goes without saying that your paycheck should always be accurate and on time. Join us to experience the Ōnin difference and see our beliefs in action.

Getting Started is Easy!

Here’s how the job process will work:


1. Schedule a Call!

We’ll talk and determine if the job is a great fit for you.


2. Get an Interview!

You’ll go through the Volkswagen Interview process.


3. Get Trained!

You’ll have three weeks of paid training so you’ll hit the ground running at your new incredible job.

Let’s Get Started

If you are underpaid and undervalued at your current job, stop selling yourself short, and join a team that helps you build a future. If you’ve been dreaming of a better job and a better life but you weren’t sure how to move forward — this is your sign to fill apply now.