03 May Week 5 – Nurture the Green

Health: These Stretches Can Prevent Injuries 

There’s almost nobody part that we use more than our hands — and the parts that are connected to them — like our wrists, forearms and shoulders. Making the same movements, again and again, can lead to pain and conditions like carpal tunnel. At a manufacturing job, you will be performing repetitive movements every day. But, even outside of work, you are probably making repetitive motions all the time too, like texting on your phone and steering in your car. 

With all of this repetitive hand and arm activity, it’s important to keep your hands protected. Stretching is one of the best ways to strengthen your wrists, forearms and fingers

Here are some of the best stretches to keep your hands, wrists and arms feeling safe and strong: 

  • Finger stretch
  • One-arm wrist stretch
  • Wrist rolls
  • Shoulder rolls
  • Forearm stretch


For more instructions about how to perform each of these stretches, check out the link below. 


  • Do you perform any stretches before you start your shift? 
  • Is stretching a part of your current routine? If not, how can you start adding short stretches into your day? 
  • What part of your body is prone to aches and pains? Are you doing any stretches to help that area of your body stay strong and healthy? 


Resource: https://www.onemedical.com/blog/healthy-living/repetitive-stress-stretches

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